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We are a leading liquid roof installation company based in the UK and provide our service to clients across the nation.

Liquid Rubber Roofing is a leading installation team that provides liquid PU coatings and similar liquid coatings to roofing substrates, as well as other exterior elements. This is a professional repair service in East Jarrow that can provide a range of benefits to a property as the liquid membrane is water-resistant, slip-resistant, and durable.

Over the years, we have worked to perfect our liquid rubber roofing system to ensure it meets the needs of clients and can provide a range of services using liquid PU.

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Why Use Us?

We are accredited liquid rubber roofing installers based in the UK, offering long-lasting waterproof coating to roofs and other exterior surfaces.

Our team is fully certified and experienced in liquid roofing solutions in East Jarrow, ensuring a smooth application every time. We have a range of products available, and with our experience, our team can help you find the perfect liquid rubber solution for your needs.

We work to provide liquid roofing coatings, which are ideal for a flat roof commonly used in commercial properties, home extensions, and other modern buildings across the country. We have over 10 years of experience working on complex projects and can work to a high performance every time.

Not only do we work on roof surfaces, but we can apply our liquid rubber coatings to almost any substrate that requires the same levels of protection. Exterior elements such as decking and garden steps can be treated by our self-levelling compound, ensuring seamless coverage with anti-slip properties.

Our company remains competitive on price with every project because of our connection with manufacturers across the country. Having a great relationship with market-leading suppliers of roof trim coatings allows us to get the best price, which in turn reduces the fees for our customers.

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Liquid Rubber Roofing We Offer

There are many different types of liquid rubber roofing available in the UK, and we offer a variety, including:

Commercial Liquid Rubber Roofs East Jarrow

We most commonly work to apply our coatings on a commercial roof surface due to the fact that most of these properties have flat roofs in the UK. It is very easy to ensure that rubber roofing is correctly applied to a flat roof, and the benefits can be better experienced with this kind of structure, which is exposed to weather damage.

Our commercial liquid rubber roofing is designed to offer waterproofing in a single coat, making it a quick application with a neat finish. We work with polyurethane-based coatings, which have excellent adhesion as the rubber membrane simply seals to the roof substrates, ensuring lasting protection.

Our team can also perform any necessary repairs to the roof before application, and the coating can seal directly to the concrete or tile surface of the roof following application. Cracks and other damage can be sealed through the brush application of this roofing, and you will experience benefits such as waterproofing. These coatings can also protect the roof from temperature fluctuations.

Commercial sites with a flat roof in East Jarrow, from stores to their car parking zone, can be treated with our coatings.

Residential Liquid Rubber Roofs East Jarrow

Our coatings can be applied to any flat roof, which is why we also work with residential clients across the UK. A flat roof is common on home extensions, and many modern flat roof designs are similar to what is known as a green roof, all of which are suitable for our liquid PU coatings.

Liquid roofing can offer benefits such as waterproofing, as well as transforming the roof or deck into an anti-slip surface, making your home safer. Applying a coating can make safe slippery garden steps, as well as prevent leaks and other damage across the home.

It is possible to DIY these coatings, whether this is for roofing repair, such as preventing leaks in the substrates, or to create an anti-slip surface on wood or concrete. The flexible coating can be easily installed using small rollers for detailed areas like gutters or a medium roller for larger areas.

For example, when making safe garden steps, our expert advice is a recommended medium roller is required, to apply both the epoxy primer and the super smooth coating.

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Liquid Rubber Roof Costs East Jarrow

The cost of liquid rubber coatings can be between £20 and £28 per square metre, based on the UK average.

However, the total cost of liquid roofing can vary based on a range of factors, including the following:

If you are doing the roofing yourself, then you need to not only consider the cost of the seal system itself but also the few tools you may need to do the work, such as roller applicators, primer, and protect wear.

We can offer installation of our roofing system to a range of environments, both commercial and residential in East Jarrow. To request a quote, please contact the team today.

Where Are Liquid Rubber Roofs Installed?

A liquid roof system can be installed in a range of locations, including:

Liquid Rubber Roof Benefits

There are many benefits that liquid PU coating can provide, including:

Waterproof Coating

A waterproof coating is the main benefit that this kind of system can provide, as it is mainly used for waterproofing roof substrates as well as other exterior surfaces in East Jarrow. Waterproofing can make areas safer, such as garden steps, as well as ensure durability as the waterproof coating protects from all weather conditions.

Seamless Application

Applying waterproof coating has never been easier than using this flexible system. Whether you are hiring us for your roof repair or using our waterproof coating in a DIY job, it can be easily applied.

The waterproof coating can be applied using rollers, and one coat can offer waterproofing to high levels. This seamless application is present whether a professional or DIY job on all platforms in East Jarrow, including tile, concrete, and wood. This works in all applications, even those to a still-wet surface following a primer.

Cold Applied

This waterproof coating is cold applied, which makes it very easy, safe, and quick to do. When working with professionals like our company for roof repairs, the fast application of waterproof coating can reduce labour costs.

This waterproofing system can be hand cast or applied using a roller application to a range of materials, like metal and tiles directly. It cures quickly, patching over cracks and other damage in the tiles or metal in a single coat.

What Is a Liquid Rubber Roof?

A liquid rubber roofing system is a flexible form of coating that can be applied to any form of substrate, from metal to tile. This is a form of waterproof coating that is commonly applied to roofing but can be applied to a range of exterior platforms for additional support.

This is a great tool for roof repair, improving safety on site in East Jarrow, and ensuring lasting durability from the roofing tiles when applied.

We have been installing this coating for over 10 years and can help you. Contact us today to learn more.

Our Liquid Rubber Roofing Services

We offer a range of services across the UK including:

Liquid Rubber Roofing Installation East Jarrow

Applying tiles or a roofing coat can require professional installation, and our company has over a decade of experience in this field.

We can offer professional and expert roofing application of any waterproof coating required.

Liquid Rubber Roof Repair East Jarrow

To ensure that the tiles are prepped for the waterproof coating, we also offer roof repair services.

These can be done before the coat is applied or will be handled by the rubber roofing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can liquid roofing be used on pitched roofs?

This kind of roofing is ideal for both flat and pitched roofs, offering waterproofing protection to existing roofing substrates.

How long does a liquid roof last?

When applied correctly, rubber roofing can last between 15 and 25 years.

Does a rubber roof need to be coated?

Rubber roofing is already covered for the likes of anti-slip and waterproofing, so additional coats are not needed.


We are a leading roofing coating company in East Jarrow that provides applications and repairs to clients across the country.

Our company has been providing safety coating for flat roofs and other exterior platforms for over a decade, helping clients in all regions protect their properties.

Our coatings are designed to last many years, offering waterproof and anti-slip protection in all weather conditions, and they look great. We can help improve your property with our services in East Jarrow, so contact us today to learn more.

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What Others Say About Our Services

"I recently had the pleasure of using Liquid Rubber Roof for my commercial building, and I must say, I'm thoroughly impressed! The application process was straightforward, and the result was fantastic. Our roof, which was prone to leaks and damage, is now completely sealed and looks brand new. The durability and weather resistance of this product have exceeded my expectations. Plus, the customer service from the Liquid Rubber Roof team was top-notch, always ready to assist and provide expert advice. I highly recommend them for any roofing needs!"

Gary Evans
Tyne and Wear

"As a homeowner, I was looking for a reliable and cost-effective solution for my aging roof. Liquid Rubber Roof was the answer! Not only was the product easy to apply, but it also provided an incredibly strong and waterproof seal. I was amazed at how it transformed my leaky, old roof into a sleek, protective cover. It's been several months, and the roof is holding up perfectly against rain and sun. Their team was exceptionally helpful, guiding me through the entire process. Liquid Rubber Roof is a game-changer, and I wouldn't hesitate to use them again!"

Ashley Warford
Tyne and Wear

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